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  • Instant Wins

    Participate and win prizes with every purchase and with at least 3 purchases you will be able to participate in the draw for the final prizes

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  • Cashback

    For each purchase, accumulate a percentage of the value spent and you can use it to get discounts on your future purchases.

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Different tools, same benefits.


Payments cards

Turn your payment card into a loyalty card to make purchases and get benefits.

Fidelit cards

Do you already have a loyalty card? Use it to get recognized and get benefits.

Identity documents

Don't want to have more cards? Use the ones you already have with you to get benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's BLoyalty4u? What's BLoyalty4u?
Bloyalty4u is a loyalty program that aims to retain the customers of commercial businesses. Being a tool capable of exploiting the geolocation of businesses, it is able to create collaborations between different merchants in order to encourage a network of territorial spending; a specific feature that makes it interesting, as well as for individual merchants, also for associations of shopkeepers, territorial districts, consortia.
How can I earn the benefits? How can I earn the benefits?
When paying at a merchant who has activated the Bloyalty4u program, the P.O.S. will print, in the classic receipt referring to the specific transaction, also the information regarding the benefits generated by the purchase and the relative total accumulated points balance. To be able to use it, the cardholder will only have to register by following the instructions on the receipt; in the event that the customer is already registered, he can immediately use the benefits he has accrued.
How and where can I use the benefits I have earned?How and where can I use the benefits I have earned?
All the benefits that are earned by customers (cashback but also coupons and other discounts) can be spent within the individual merchant and / or in any shop if they have been accumulated within a consortium of merchants. In some situations (which will be highlighted from time to time) it is possible that some shops provide extra bonuses, which can only be used in their own point of sale. This option is indicated directly on the receipt.
How do I link my payment card to the loyalty program?How do I link my payment card to the loyalty program?
• The simplest is to make a card payment on POS in one of the affiliated shops and register with the registration code printed on the receipt.
• The second is to add your payment card in the appropriate section of the site. In either case, starting with the next transaction made with the card, all the benefits can be automatically disbursed without the need for further efforts. The card details are anonymized so no one is in possession of your details.


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